Miss Bulls Only Rodeo 2019
Jr. Miss Bulls Only Rodeo 2019
Mireya Miner

Patricia Herrera

Patricia is 18 yearls old and just graduated from El Capitan High School. She started off as an English rider at the age of 5 and now currently competes in reining with her two mares Emmy and Remi.  Pati is president of Ramona wranglers 4-h abd treasurer for El Capitan FFA Officer team. 

In the future she plans to go to community college then transfer to University of Oregon to become a physical therapist. Her hobbies include going to the beach with her dog, Otis, painting and going on trail rides.  

Lastly she would like to theank the Weinstien family for their support, her family, and her mom for being her number one supporter in everything she does.

Mireya is a 16 year old junior attending River Valley Charter School.  Her plans for the future include receiving her major in Equine Science and a minor in psychology from Colorado State University.
Mireya has been riding for 5 years, with experince in both English and Western disciplines.  In addition to riding, she played competive indoor and beach volleyball for 9 years with great success earning a gold medal in beach volleyball at 2015 national championship.
She now spends most of her free time with her mare, Kitty, and helping at the ranch and couldn't be happier.
Mireya also speaks three langues, including Spanish and Mandrin, and has a Presidential seal of biliteracy.
Fully committed to the world of rodeo, she is excited to see where this journey will take her.