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Serving the Youth of Lakeside since 1949


Memorial Fish Fry

Opti-Spahetti Dinner

Lakeside Optimist Contact 

Optimist Club of Lakeside
PO BOX 476 
Lakeside, CA. 92040

About us:  We are part of Optimist International which is one of the largest service organizations in the world.   Our sole purpose is to help the youth of our community! 

Lakeside Opti-Facts:
Our club was chartered in 1949 and has been active in the Lakeside Community since!
We are a 501 C 3 foundation.
We are all volunteer members that have a common goal of raising funds for the youth of Lakeside.

All of the Funds we raise annually are donated back to the Youth of Lakeside.  Our donations go to every school in Lakeside; Lakeside sports organizations, and many young individuals that request our assistance.

Kids Fishing Derby:
Our largest Kid event is our annual "Kids (Free) Fishing Derby" We put this on at Lindo Lake...we
stock the lake, loan our fishing ploes, and feed everybody and then give away a stage full of prizes.
We provide three El Capitan High School students with Scholarship to attend continued education at
their selected "Industrial Arts" career chioce.

How we raise our funds to support the Youth of Lakeside:
We have a number of Fundraisers through out the year!  
All of these events are listed below...with an easy link to find out more information about them.

Opti-Scholar Golf Tournament