Mutton Bustin

How to get signed-up for Mutton Bustin.

Sign-ups open on June 1st!

On June 1st starting at midnight we have you call our BOR hotline 619-443-2447.  You will leave a message (include Parent Name, Phone Number, and the Childs Name) the message will be time stamped and the mutton busters will be selected in the order received.

We only fill the 12 mutton busters and 2 alternates!

This is a Very popular event:  We wish we could allow every child to participate!  We are sorry to say that we are never able to make all the Parents happy!
We do not have an age limit only a weight limit of 50lbs or less. 

If you are selected our Mutton Bustin Chairman will contact you at the phone number you provided.


If more information is needed please email our Mutton Bustin Chairman.